Materials — Atkinson Consulting


My materials are all originally created to meet specific needs, whether for individual learners or groups/classes.
Interactive CD-roms are created to motivate and teach .



Ideal for young individual learners, allowing unlimited listening and repetition by clicking on the sound icon to listen to the sentence.
These interactive CD-roms can also be used for classroom work.



Used individually or with small groups, these topic-based CD-roms encourage conversation and can also be used as the basis of simple reading and writing tasks.

My reading materials, again all originally created, include stories which target specific grammar points, such as prepositions, or a specific vocabulary, such as colours.

The also include big books for whole class storytelling…….


These big books are accompanied by smaller  individual/group readers and are designed for the learner who is already reading in their mother tongue.
Each big book is also accompanied by numerous supplementary materials which help to ensure good comprehension, and which can also be used as extension work for the more able learner.