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Aston Villa


Middlesbrough vs Aston Villa March 4th 1953 (rusty staple)


Aston Villa vs Chelsea Feb 22nd 1958


Aston vs Birningham City Aug 23rd 1958 & vs Portsmouth Aug 25th


Aston Villa vs Spurs Feb 18th 1961


Aston Villa vs Millwall Sept 6th 1969


Aston Villa vs Barnsley April 12th 1971


Aston Villa vs Stoke City May 5th 1975


Aston Villa vs Derby County March 2nd 1977


Aston Villa vs Arsenal March 24th 1979
Aston Villa vs Arsenal April 25th 1979


Aston Villa vs Arsenal Sept 22nd 1979
Man City


Man City vs Chelsea Oct 1st 1966
Man City vs Spurs Oct 8th 1966
Man CIty vs Everton Nov 19th 1966
Man City vs Cardiff City Feb 22nd 1967
Man City vs Stoke City April 12th 1967


Man City vs Everton August 23rd 1969
Man City vs West Brom Oct 4th 1969
Man Utd


Newcastle Utd vs Man Utd April 11th 1953


Man Utd vs Huddersfield Town Jan 5th 1963 (small stained area)


Man Utd vs Arsenal Oct 29th 1966
Man Utd vs Sheffield Wednesday Nov 12th 1966

Man Utd vs Southampton April 18th 1967


Man Utd vs Arsenal Oct 7th 1967 – sold
Man Utd vs F.K. Sarajevo Nov 20th 1967


Man Utd vs Ipswich Oct 11th 1969


Arsenal vs Man Utd Jan 6th 1973


Man Utd vs Aston Villa Jan 1st 1977 (poor)

Man Utd vs Arsenal May 14th 1977


Man Utd vs Arsenal Nov 5th 1977


Arsenal vs Man Utd May 2st 2011



Liverpool vs Derby County Oct 1st 1960


Liverpool vs Leicester City


Liverpool vs Notts Forest Nov 5th 1966
Luton Town


Luton Town vs Man Utd April 13th 1957 (poor condition)


Luton Town vs Blackpool April 25th 1959 (rusty staple)


Luton Town vs Bolton Wanderers Sept 5th 1959
Luton Town vs Notts Forest Sept 19th 1959
Luton Town vs Wolves Oct 3rd 1959 (two copies one is in poor condition)
Luton Town vs Chelsea Oct 17th 1959 (2 copies one with rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Burnley Oct 31st 1960 (rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Spurs Nov 14th (2 copies one poor, rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Newcastle Utd Dec 12th 1959 (poor, rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Arsenal Dec 28th 1959 (poor condition)
Luton Town vs Fulham Jan 23rd 1960 (rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Sheffield Weds Feb 13th 1960 (rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Leicester City Feb 27th 1960 (rusty staple)
Luton Town vs West Brom March 12th 1960 (rusty staple)
Luton Town vs Birmigham City 26th March 1960 (poor conditon)
Luton Town vs Man Utd April 9th 1960


Luton Town vs Norwich City Sept 10th 1960


Spurs vs Arsenal Jan 16th 1960 (poor condition)


Spurs vs Arsenal Jan 21st 1961 (poor condition)


Spurs vs Aston villa March 10th 1962

Spurs vs Benfica April 5th 1962 (EC Semi-final)


Spurs vs Aston Villa Aug 29th 1962

Spurs vs Everton Dec 1st 1962
Spurs vs West Ham Dec 22nd 1962
Spurs vs Burnley Jan 5th 1963
Spurs vs FC Slovan Bratislava March 14th 1963


Spurs vs Burnley Nov 16th 1963
Spurs vs Man Utd Nov 27 1963

Spurs vs Chelsea Jan 4th 1964
Spurs vs Chelsea Feb 1st 1964


Spurs vs Arsenal Sept 3rd 1966


Wales vs Scotland Oct 30th 1937


England vs Yugoslavia Nov 22nd 1950 (poor condition)


Football League vs Scottish League March 23rd 1960 at Highbury


England vs Brazil 8th May 1963


World Cup July 11th-30th (2 copies)


England U23 vs Russia U23 Oct 22nd 1969
Cup Finals and Semi-Finals
1952 Arsenal vs Chelsea (SF at WHL) (offers over £30)
1958 Bolton Wanderers vs Wolves (Charity Shield)
1959 Barnet vs Walthamstow Avenue (Amateur SF) (poor condition)
1961 Hitchin Town vs Walthamstow Avenue (Amateur SF)
1962 Crook Town vs Hounslow Town (2 copies)
1963 Leytonstone vs Wilmbledon (Amateur SF)
1963 Hitchin Town vs Sutton Utd (Amateur SF)
1963 Leicester vs Man Utd
1963 Sutton Utd vs Wimbledon (Amateur) (poor condition)
1963 Benfica vs AC Milan
1964 Preston NE vs West Ham
1965 TSV München 1860 vs West Ham
1967 Enfield vs Skelmersdale Utd (replay)
1968 Huddersfield Town vs Arsenal (League Cup 2nd Leg)
1971 Arsenal vs Liverpool
1972 Arsenal vs Leeds Utd
1978 Arsenal vs Liverpool (League Cup 2nd leg)
1978 Arsenal vs Ipswich
1979 Wolves vs Arsenal (SF)
1980 Arsenal vs Liverpool (SF at Hillsborough)
1980 Liverpool vs Arsenal (SF replay at Villa Park)
1980 Arsenal vs Liverpool (SF 2nd replay at Villa Park)
1980 Arsenal vs West Ham Utd
1988 Arsenal vs Luton Town (League Cup)
1991 Arsenal vs Spurs (SF)
1993 Arsenal vs Spurs (SF)
1993 Arsenal vs Sheffield Wednesay (League Cup)
1993 Arsenal vs Sheffield Wednesday
1993 Arsenal vs Sheffield Wednesday (Replay)
1993 Arseanl vs Man Utd (Charity Shield)
1998 Arsenal vs Newcastle Utd
Everton vs Sheffield Weds August 25th 1951
Cardiff City vs Charlton Athletic Oct 31st 1953
Millwall vs Southend Utd April 28th 1956
Barrow vs Darlington Nov 9th 1957
Ipswich Town vs Derby County Sept 10th 1958
Swindon Town vs Newport County Sept 20th 1958 (poor)
Barrow vs Darlington Sept 20th 1958
Birmingham City vs Aston Villa Dec 20th 1958
Sunderland vs Middlesbrough March 28th 1959
Millwall vs Doncaster Rovers Aug 31st 1959
Millwall vs Bradford Sept 14th 1959
Millwall vs Caribbean XI Oct 21st 1959
Scunthorpe Utd vs Bristol Rovers Sept 10th 1960
Chelsea vs Wolves Oct 30th 1960
West Ham vs Preston North End Oct 22nd 1960
Crystal Palace vs Hitchin Town Nov 5th 1960
West Ham vs Leicestery City Sept 30th 1961
Birmingham CIty vs Blackpool Nov 4th 1961
Bangor City vs Napoli Oct 10th 1962 ECW 1st Rnd Replay at Highbury
Wolves vs Birmingham City Oct 24th 1962
Notts Forest vs Wolves Feb 2nd 1963
Chelsea vs Huddersfield Town March 2nd 1963
Chelsea vs Sunderland Feb 22nd 1966
Chelsea vs Sheffield Utd March 11th 1967
Birmingham City vs Chelsea Nov 2nd 1974

many more available – full list coming soon